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Partner: Jan Wennesland
Year: 2016 - ongoing
Role: Front-end / WordPress / Support


There’s a famous saying: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. This is sort of what happened with Chipmunk. Since Bram Kanstein launched Startup Stash on Product Hunt there has been a concurrent posting of similar sites. A clear pattern.

Analyzing these sites and the feedback on ProductHunt showed us a clear sense of need and a market fit. Many of the makers did not have any technical skills and customizing generic WordPress themes does require technical knowledge.


Research showed a clear market fit, without the need for validating. Sometimes your instincts are so strong that the odds are high enough to make a bet.

Eventually, in collaboration with a talented digital designer – Jan Wennesland, we decided to jump on the bandwagon. One possible solution was to create a platform for curating resources, but it felt too big of a project to take on. A WordPress Theme seemed just right for this marked, especially since the pattern showed that most of the sites were already made on WordPress.

Chipmunk WordPress Theme Logo


We made a tailored WordPress Theme satisfying the increased demand for curated content. The response since the launch was spectacular and has far exceeded our expectations. Over 150 themes were sold and all of the reactions we got were positive which proved we clearly scratched an itch there.

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