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Created out of passion for design, for the love of beautiful things.

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Client: Joanna Malik
Year: 2015
Role: Front-end / Back-end / Node API


Our life is full of great moments and events: birthdays, baptisms, weddings, meetings, anniversaries and jubilees. We love to celebrate them and make them unique. Many of these opportunities are experienced once in a lifetime, so it’s worth to make them perfect and refined in every detail.

My lovely event was created out of the passion for design, for the love of beautiful things and the desire to share this beauty with customers. The ability to freely create and combine elements and convenient ready-made kits make conjure sophisticated and stylish event a piece of cake.

Solution & Outcomes

The project had high ambitions. Joanna Malik came through with great deliveries for both visual identity and web design. It was important for me to finish the job by executing code and functionality at the same high level.

After looking for the perfect e-commerce solution, I decided to create my own, custom webshop application using AngularJS. The client wanted her customers to be able to freely combine design elements into collections before buying them so it was clear to me that none of the existing systems would work here. I created a Single Page Application written entirely in Javascript with NodeJS/Express as a backend framework.

“I always received not only a perfectly created website from start to finish but also an excellent service.”

Founder of Joanna Malik Design

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